If you have been diagnosed or you feel you suffer with PMS, PCOS, Fibroids, or other hormonal imbalances; or you have just stopped the concanterption pill or thinking about it, I am here to help you. I will support you in finding the root cause of your symptoms and create a personalised plan with aim for you to live the life you deserve.

Do you experience:

Painful & heavy periods that get only better when you take painkillers
Intense PMS, including mood changes, feeling anxious and irritable, cravings or tiredness
Frequent bloating and indigestion
Having trouble falling and staying asleep
Feeling exhausted all the time with coffee being your daily savour
Weight gain especially around the middle which you can’t lose despite your efforts
Fear about your fertility or struggling to get pregnant
Naturally balance your hormones - Happy Hormone Nutrition

What if you could:

Minimise painful periods
Reduce stress and overwhelm
Not live in fear about your next period coming and what mood you will be
Sleep through the night and feel rested in the mornings
Regain your libido
Reduce your bloating and wear whatever clothes you feel like wearing that day
Stop the fear about your fertility and conceive easily
Feel more happy and excited about your day
Learn how to nourish your body so you thrive every day

Ready to go from surviving to thriving?

supporting you
on your journey

My Approach

No strict diets but nutrition plans put together to fit you and your lifestyle even when you like to eat out and indulge at times.
I am not a big fan of spending too much time in the kitchen (we are all so busy nowadays) so my advice includes quick and easy recipes.
No one size fits all so my recommendations are tailored for you and only you.
I will never tell you to stop your medication. We can adjust your plan to make sure you are not deficient in any of the nutrients and your body is still nourished.
Nutritional Therapy focuses on the whole person. This means that I try to find a root cause of your health problems by taking a holistic viewpoint assessing your diet, lifestyle, work/life balance, your purpose in the world, toxicity at home, underlying nutritional deficiencies, sleep and relaxation, ongoing stress and more. This all plays into our general health and wellbeing.