Hi! I’m Marzena

Hi! I’m Marzena, a registered Nutritional Therapist helping women balance their hormones naturally, so they can feel full of energy, joyful and happy with their smooth monthly cycles.

I struggled with my own health issues as long as I remember including headaches, insomnia, bloating, painful periods, anxiety. I was also diagnosed with PCOS based on ovarian cysts in my late 20’s and then with Endometriosis and infertility in my 30’s. On top of it all I was striving to be a perfectionist at all aspects in my life, having no boundaries, burning the candle at both ends. I also worked in a corporate world, never giving myself time to rest and see that my health was deteriorating.

After years of restrictive diets, contraception pill, sleepless nights and being completely burned out, I decided to take control of my health by adopting a holistic approach changing my food and lifestyle habits. I also worked on managing my stress. My symptoms improved and I realised how passionate I became to teach other women how to support their health to thrive in life.

I received my training through College of Naturopathic Medicine, but I continue my education to keep up to date all hormones related making sure my advice is always up to date. I am also committed to evidence-based nutrition so I would never recommend anything which has not been scientifically proven and tested. You are in safe hands.

My mission is to give you tools which will support you at working with your body rather than being at war with it.
Marzena Sujka Hormone Nutritionist

Ready to work with, not against your body?

More About Me

I am Polish but I have been living in the UK for the last 14 years.
I moved to the UK to study Tourism with Spanish in Manchester but I decided to stay after I fell in love with British culture, people and chips cheese and gravy.
Before Nutrition, I worked in digital advertising agencies.
I love mountains especially in Summer so walks and hiking are my favourite outdoor activities.
I am obsessed with Royal Family so The Crown is my favourite series ever.

I am a proud mother of a black miniature poodle called Aga.