Manage Endometriosis Naturally Without Eliminating & Restricting Gluten, Caffeine, Sugar Or Going Vegan

Aug 9, 2022 | Adenomyosis, Endometriosis

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Endo diet?

Good vs bad food lists?
Cutting out everything you love?

I am here to show you that you can manage endometriosis naturally without eliminating and restricting glutenm caffeine, sugar or going vegan first.

I can see a lot of women who suffer with endometriosis who start restricting food groups in order to manage their symptoms. Being on a restrictive diet is so stressful, especially when you do it long term. And remember, when you suffer with endometriosis, you are already overwhelmed mentally and physically.

Are you following a restrictive diet to manage endo? Did you cut out red meat, or all meat, all dairy, gluten, soya, eggs, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, nightshades?

What if we flip this painful restriction strategy and focus on health foundations which nourish the body and mind instead of eliminating?
What if we approach managing endometriosis by ADDING more of what is beneficial rather than eliminating everything you love?
What if we try to do everything in balance rather than being restrictive towards ourselves?
What if we focus on HOW we eat and drink rather than on removing things completely?
What if we focus on NOURISHMENT first and then think about eliminating TEMPORARILY if you are still triggered?

Well, I’m here to remind you it’s not about cutting but adding more!

How to figure out what works for me?

Your diet should be based on what your body needs with foods which nourish and energise you. You should not restrict, or follow universal standard “endo” diet which is “good” for everyone. Instead focus on what you can ADD to your diet and lifestyle rather than restricting. I believe that journey to managing pain and other symptoms in endometriosis should be based on 360 degree holistic approach tailored to you and your circumstances. Restrictive diet alone won’t solve your endometriosis problems.

But there are steps you cant take now:

  • Always come back to basics and really focus on the foundations of health including sleep quality, nutrient dense foods (check out my free nutrition plan and diet foundations here), hydration, stress management, time in nature.
  • Start working with health professionals who specialise in endometriosis like doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, acupuncturists, osteopaths.
  • Start daily tracking with food and symptom diary. 
  • Do not apply many changes all at once. It becomes stressful when you do. 
  • Focus on variety (food, exercise etc) to test what works for you. 

51 Ways to improve your periods without restricting and eliminating

I created also a free guide which approaches endometriosis differently. Health foundations there are put there to reduce painful flare-ups & bloating, increase energy and generally make you feel better.

Please, don’t think you have to incorporate 51 of them all at once…that would be too much and would lead to an overwhelm. Just pick and choose and remember that one small step forward means a lot already.

Manage Your Endometriosis Symptoms Without Eliminating & Restricting Food Groups

51 easy ways to approach endometriosis differently to reduce painful flare-ups & bloating, increase energy and generally feel better. Sign up now to receive your E-Book.

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