What is Endometriosis Diet & Endometriosis Meal Plan?

When I eventually got a diagnosis that I have endometriosis, I felt this sense of relief. I was no longer going from doctor to doctor and hearing different theories about what was wrong with me and why I was in so much pain every month. On top of the medical care I received, I started digging for more information on how to manage endometriosis naturally in Google and then I joined Facebook groups.

The more I researched online, the more I realised that eating for endometriosis is different for different people. Some said vegan diet was the best, others said keto diet was the way to go. Some pushed for gluten free, soy free, sugar free, dairy free, nightshades free for best results…All the information was not only conflicting but also overwhelming. With more time spent in front of the computer, the more confused I became.

My quest to find the right approach for me, led me to study to become a Nutritionist. From the start, I knew that diet was crucial in managing symptoms, preparing for laparoscopy and recovering from it. So after almost 5 years of education on women’s hormones and endometriosis and working with women who have this condition, I know now there is no one single diet, meal plan for managing endometriosis.

What works is a personalised approach. What is great for one woman, like a vegan diet, might not work for you. This all depends on what drives your symptoms and where you are in your health journey.

That’s why I created a Food Diary Review with a 2 Week Personalised Meal Plan which consists of 30 minute Zoom session with me, where we discuss your way of eating. In the same session I also give you practical tips on how to improve it for better results. And then I create a 2 week personalised meal plan in a PDF document.

Is Endometriosis Meal Plan For Me?

  • You have just been diagnosed or you are 99% sure you have endometriosis.
  • You understand that diet is important in endometriosis management, but you don’t know how to start.
  • You are unsure if you are eating all the right foods to manage endometriosis.
  • You want to make your diet better to reduce pain, bloat and heavy periods.
  • You feel overwhelmed with all the conflicting information online about what the endo diet is.
  • Maybe you tried eating healthy but fell back to old habits.
  • You struggle with ideas of what to cook on a daily basis.

If you answered yes to any of the statements above, Food Diary Review with a 2 Week Personalised Meal Plan is for you. It is ideal for all women who are at the beginning of their health journey and are trying to navigate this confusing world of nutrition. It is also great if you need more confidence around your food choices for managing endometriosis.

What are the benefits of food diary review and meal plan for Endometriosis?

  • You will no longer feel confused what foods are good for you to reduce endometriosis symptoms.

  • You will gain confidence around your food choices (even if you are eating out) and what works for you.

  • You will get the knowledge on how to combine different food groups to make sure you nourish your body and mind.

  • You will learn what foods help you reduce inflammation and improve your hormones.

  • You will know how to eat to reduce pain, improve energy and beat that bloat.

  • You will receive a meal plan personalized to your preferences and health needs.

food diary and endometriosis meal plan

What’s included

1. 5 Day Food Diary and Food Planning Questionnaire

Before we meet on Zoom, I am going to email you your food diary document to fill in. I will also include Food Planning Questionnaire, which will include questions about your food preferences and your endometriosis health journey. 

Having basic information about your health including the food diary will allow me to form a base for our online call so it is the most productive and I can share as many recommendations as it is possible in these 30 minutes.

2. 1 x 30 minute Zoom call

During this time we look into your food diary together and I give you tips and recommendations around nutrition based on the information you also give me in the Food Planning Questionnaire. During this time, you have time to ask me anything about managing your endometriosis with nutrition.

3. 2 Week Personalised Meal Plan

A plan will be send to you up to 3 days after our call. Your personalised plan will be formed based on your food prefernces, our chat and agreed approach. 

4. Plus 2 x FREE Handouts: Menu Planning Guide, 25 Ways Of Eating More Veg & Fruits

5 Day Food Diary & 2 Week Personalised Meal Plan

Total Cost: £69

Hi! I’m Marzena

I’m a Nutritional Therapist and Endo Warrior.

I show women with Endometriosis & other hormone imbalances how to use Nutrition and Lifestyle to move from surviving to thriving.

Gain clarity on what to do to feel in balance with your hormones so you can have smooth menstrual cycles, get pregnant naturally, feel full of energy and live the life you deserve.

Nutritional Therapy

focuses on the whole person. This means that I try to find a root cause of your health problems by taking a holistic viewpoint assessing your diet, lifestyle, work/life balance, your purpose in the world, toxicity at home, underlying nutritional deficiencies, sleep and relaxation, ongoing stress and more. This all plays into our general health and wellbeing.

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